Our Services

Bushfire protection planning is an extremely complex topic, there are many services we provide which can help you to navigate the process. 

Strategic bushfire studies and strategic bushfire risk assessment

CR Bushfire is a leading specialist in strategic bushfire studies and landscape scale bushfire risk assessment. We can prepare a comprehensive risk assessment and evacuation study determining the appropriateness of a proposed rezoning in bushfire prone areas. We then apply emergency management techniques to establish an appropriate mitigation framework.

Bushfire assessment reports

We are accomplished in preparing bushfire assessment reports for a wide range of development proposals from minor alterations and additions to large subdivision and Special Fire Protection Purpose development. We work closely with you in the design stages of development to ensure that bushfire protection is embedded in the design of your development and as cost-effective as possible.

Performance solution reports for complex development applications

We are qualified and experienced in creating performance solution reports for complex development projects. Instead of applying the acceptable solutions in Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2019, we are able to think outside the square and design a comprehensive bushfire protection solution specific to your particular development. An initial assessment is carried out to determine the benefit in spending the time to create an optimal bushfire protection design. Once this assessment is complete, we advise the appropriate pathway for the resultant bushfire assessment.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates for complying development

A BAL Certificate is required to be submitted with your complying development application if your property is on land which is mapped as being bushfire prone. The BAL certificate needs to demonstrate that the land is not BAL-40 or BAL-FZ. We can produce the BAL certificate to support your complying development, please contact us via info@crbushfire.com.au for more information.

Bushfire Evacuation and Emergency Management Plan preparation

As emergency management specialists, we are able to coordinate Evacuation and Emergency Management Plans. This may be a stand-alone requirement or linked to a wider strategic planning project. Either way, we will work with the details of your project or facility to created a specific, detailed Emergency Management Strategy.

Academic research in bushfire impact and building

With significant academic experience and links to major universities, we are able to provide high quality academic research and analysis. We devise efficient methodologies for research projects to ensure we deliver on time and to budget. We are always keen to learn more about the industry and we are passionate about creating evidence-based change.

Bespoke bushfire protection courses and workshops

We provide various training courses on bushfire protection and emergency management. One of our key strengths is delivering a friendly, positive and stimulating learning environment. We currently work with NSW State and Local Government and various industry organisations to provide workshops, seminars and training courses to industry professionals. We tailor courses depending on your interests, needs and requirements and we are happy to work with you to develop bespoke training packages. Please contact us at info@crbushfire.com.au to find out more.

Advice on preparing your home for bushfire protection

Are you struggling to understand the best ways to protect your home against bushfires? Do you need to develop and don’t know where to start when it comes to bushfire protection? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to give you a little bit of advice to point you in the right direction. We can send you our generic advice sheets, show you where to look for more information or talk to you about next steps.

Asset Protection Zone Identification and Management Plan

Landowners have a legal responsibility to manage bush fire risk on their property to prevent fire spread to adjoining lands. If you are a government agency or large private landowner who requires identification of Asset Protection Zones and associated management strategies then please get in contact with CR Bushfire and we will work with you to create a plan of management for your reserves.


Bush Fire Prone Land Maps are required to be reviewed by Local Government and certified by the Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire service at least every five years. When preparing a map it should be based on the most up to date aerial photography, or satellite imagery and where necessary field inspections and ground truthing to ensure accuracy. If you, as a result of development and changes to vegetation extent, require review of your existing Bush Fire Prone Land Map or the production of a new map please contact CR Bushfire as we are able to undertake spatial analysis and field investigations to ensure accuracy and provide you with a map for certification.

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Development Application Advice

Often when looking at purchasing a new home clients can be overwhelmed by the real estate market, location comparisons, financial obligations and building integrity that legislative and planning requirements for alterations and additions or new dwellings gets overlooked. Building in a bush fire prone area within NSW may alter your home design dreams or change financial expectations. If you are seeking pre-purchase advice or wish to get a better understanding of potential costs associated with bush fire construction standards then please contact CR Bushfire.

Climate Change Resilience

We are at the forefront of the current movement towards incorporating climate change resilience into the planning system in NSW. Having worked closely with the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) in it’s ‘Climate Conscious Planning Systems’ campaign, we understand the complexities in building truly climate resilient settlements. Catherine also currently teaches PIA NSW’s Climate Change Resilience course. With our background in bushfire protection planning, we have a particular strength in natural hazard resilience and climate adaptation planning but we also have a keen interest in climate mitigation planning and the push towards net zero carbon. Whether you are planning a new development, new settlement or writing policy, we can help with your climate mitigation and adaptation strategy.